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A follower of the black/death/heavy/thrash metal genres. Usually has long hair, band shirt blah blah, but basically listens to metal.
there are thousands of good metal bands i could name, the point being there is alot of extremely good technical metal beyond slayer and metallica and cannibal corpse etc.

most of the best metal comes from europe.
by cromlech September 07, 2004
Fast, heavy metal. But what the fuck is with everyone just mentioning Cannibal Corpse? Come on... what about Darkthrone, Burzum, Behemoth, Gorgoroth. What about the band that made death metal famous Mayhem? Old Man's Child and Children of Bodom? emporer and immortal and celtic frost and BATHORY. at the gates, arch enemy
fuck cannibal corpse, go COB
by cromlech August 19, 2004

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