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"messed up" or "that sucks"
tommy to nathan:you smell like poop
saruh: that's mest
by michelle angeline March 11, 2008
4 13
an awesome punk band from Chicago.
My favorite song from MEST is "Drawing Board"
by Kisei May 20, 2005
114 40
Slang for "messed up"
Yo dawg, Britney Spears is a lesbian? Dude, thats mest.
by BigA August 19, 2004
38 44
A mest is a combinaiton of a pest and a mess, but frequently used as a term of endearment.
My baby is such a mest for throwing up in the alley after the bar closed and drunk-dialing my ass at 4 am.
by Schnoosy July 31, 2006
7 18
Dutch word for dunn.
Die koeien produceren veel mest. (Those cows produce a lot of dunn)
by NickGsch September 12, 2005
7 31