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the act of receiving a blowjob from a toothless woman or man
"that old bitch next door just offered me a gummy!"
by BigA March 03, 2003
Name given to those people who are born with a short torso and long legs. Walking triangles are known for their short temper and mostly nonsensical outbursts. Beware of the walking triangles, they are dangerous.
Hey did you see that walking triangle? Don't get too close they are wild.
by BigA February 24, 2005
This is the language that biga, or well endowed men, speak. Sometimes, it is confusing to those who do not possess such large frank and beans.
Oh... well this DSL form..., it has been Wireless-asized.
by BigA March 03, 2005
Slang for "messed up"
Yo dawg, Britney Spears is a lesbian? Dude, thats mest.
by BigA August 19, 2004
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