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hoes. that simple. OR for you technical people, actions of one that is intentionality to anger someone.
Ex,1 *Its a group convo of males at a table* One guy, "yal know i smashed Ashley last night!* Guy two, "Forreal? I did last week!" Another Guy," Dang dat girl messy. Mite as well get my turn in it!"

Ex.2 *Girl starts a convo with her bestfriend.* *Another girl walks by that has nothing to do with the convo and butts in* *They Argue* Someone on the sideline, "dang dat gurl showl is messy for dat."
by RealadenFacts May 09, 2011
0 1
Meens to fail or to trip balls of a substance
Example 1

Bill: Man last night on those dingers were fucked
Jim: Yer man you were tripping
Bill: Yer i Pulled a Messy

Example 2:

Jim: Man last night was the biggest messy
by Gertfag January 01, 2009
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Lookin good, Something of style, Something Good.
Dat track is MESSY!
Dat Tracksuit is MESSY!
by EntertainmentD October 08, 2006
13 17
A girl in Scotland called Rebbecca
See: hottie piece of ass Bangin
Yo bro I have been hanging out with Messy all day.
by Neilalalalalalala April 04, 2005
11 16
Not very clean
There was dirt all over the foor and it was a big mess! :P
by Laurel May 20, 2003
7 21