hoes. that simple. OR for you technical people, actions of one that is intentionality to anger someone.
Ex,1 *Its a group convo of males at a table* One guy, "yal know i smashed Ashley last night!* Guy two, "Forreal? I did last week!" Another Guy," Dang dat girl messy. Mite as well get my turn in it!"

Ex.2 *Girl starts a convo with her bestfriend.* *Another girl walks by that has nothing to do with the convo and butts in* *They Argue* Someone on the sideline, "dang dat gurl showl is messy for dat."
by RealadenFacts May 09, 2011
messy can mean several things:

1)When something is untidy.
2)When something is really good.
3)When something is out of control.
1)Your room is really messy.
2)Life's bare messy at the moment.
3)This party is MESSY.
by Emmaaa,x. May 23, 2009
Meens to fail or to trip balls of a substance
Example 1

Bill: Man last night on those dingers were fucked
Jim: Yer man you were tripping
Bill: Yer i Pulled a Messy

Example 2:

Jim: Man last night was the biggest messy
by Gertfag January 01, 2009
Lookin good, Something of style, Something Good.
Dat track is MESSY!
Dat Tracksuit is MESSY!
by EntertainmentD October 08, 2006
A girl in Scotland called Rebbecca
See: hottie piece of ass Bangin
Yo bro I have been hanging out with Messy all day.
by Neilalalalalalala April 04, 2005
Not very clean
There was dirt all over the foor and it was a big mess! :P
by Laurel May 20, 2003
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