person who is alway starting shit, act of creating drama or problems
first girl...hey did u hear that angie was cheating on her boyfriend
second girl... girl u need to quit being so messy
#trouble starter #nosey #always in some one elses business #messie #mesy
by Leval November 08, 2007
The after effects of a night out with no sleep/too much drink/too many drugs etc.
He went raving last night, he came into work this morning looking messy.
by Rizladizla July 20, 2003
To be completely and utterly inebriated beyond belief.
Person #1: Dude, you were so messy last night.
Person #2: Like, messier than Jordyn Greason?
Person #1: No, noone has ever been such a mess as she.
#messy #drunk #inebriated #jordyn #greason
by manyperson August 07, 2009
Another word for being out of it on drugs. To get messy. He's well messy etc.
I can't be arsed to go out tonight mate. Gonna plot at home, have a few beers and get messy on the powder.
by Matthew Dyer August 13, 2004
A shit starter aka a gossiping individual who loves to hear and share personal information about other people. An individual who suffers from a terrible case of Diarrhea of the mouth. An adult with a child-like mindset that intentionally REPEATS anything that is said to them to the wrong people just to start or orchestrate drama.
Lisa- "girl! I think Jane is and her have been going out for drinks lately.

Chloe- " Well be careful what you say when you're around Jane ". "That bitch is known to be messy as fuck! She had something to do with Mike getting fired. She had repeated something that mike had told her as a joke to the supervisor that had resulted in Mike getting FIRED!
#phony #shit starter #the puppet master #diarrhea of the mouth #a counterfeit individual
by Browneyes22 March 08, 2015
when a group of girls with messy hair leech onto your group and suck the fun out of all of them one by one, the only way to fight this parasite is to die
Me:"dude what are you doing right now"
Vance:" oh nothing"
Me:"heard you got messied last night"
Vance:"ya dude it was awful"
Me:"we've all had our fair share"
Vance:"the messies are awful what are we doing"
Me:"dude your the one that embraces them"
Vance:"okay how do you figure"
#dude #embraces #awful #vance #me
by rhinobebosshoggin April 20, 2011
something that is really goodcool/amazing/immense/sick/crazy/sik

(in other words, the new badmeaninggood word)
wow! that tune is messy!!
#cool #sick #badass #insane #immense #awesome
by Claireee,x May 10, 2009
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