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Vagina. Pussy. Gash.

1) Sweet Clunge
The object of most adolescent boys, and 40-year-old virgins desires, the sweet, innocent, hopefully legal vagina of a young girl, ready to be ploughed by a mans cock

2) Semi-Haggard Clunge
Pussy that has gone a bit ripe with age, but is still acceptable to fuck, usually belonging to a cougar.

3) Munt-Clunge
Very rare. The relatively fresh, but slightly rotted gash of a female corpse, ready to have the bodily fluids gushing out of it into a Munter's mouth. Best served ice-cold.
Man 1: I got some sweet clunge last night.
Man 2: Really? Where did you find her.
Man 1: At this guy's houseparty, she was in a little schoolgirls outfit, ready to be ploughed.
Man 2: Did you just get hard thinking about it?
Man 1: Man, that clunge was just soo sweet..

Barney: What we have here, my friend, is a Haggard Clunge.
Marshall: Ahhh shit, you can't fuck that cougar now..
Barney: No, wait, it's only semi-haggard, she has highlights and 2 inch nails! I'm goin' in.
Marshall: *tear in his eye* Godspeed, good fucker.

Billy: Wanna go to the graveyard tonight and get some ice-cold munt-clunge action?
Timmy: Nah, I lost my spade.
Billy: It's alright, it's my auntie's open grave!
Timmy: SWEET.
by manyperson August 10, 2009
When an area is full of sexy women or girls, hopefully of age, the area can be deemed 'clungetastic', and the heterosexual men can go forth with the likelihood of getting some sweet clunge very much heightened.
We went to Rob's last night, and it was getting a bit gay, but then like 10 girls showed up and it was clungetastic! I got laid so much...
by manyperson August 10, 2009
The exclamation used by Sixth Form students, whenever they hear something that brings them joy, usually the likelihood of a booze-filled houseparty coming up, and they need to express that joy to everybody else present.
McLameass: I'm having a party tonight y'all!
Peter: Is there a party going down?
Jordyn: YEAH!
Peter: PARTY!
by manyperson August 10, 2009
To be completely and utterly inebriated beyond belief.
Person #1: Dude, you were so messy last night.
Person #2: Like, messier than Jordyn Greason?
Person #1: No, noone has ever been such a mess as she.
by manyperson August 07, 2009
1) To have had sex with a woman. After this, you can say you have been clunged.

2) Completely Clunged
To have tasted and fucked an adequate (but hopefully impressive) amount of clunge.

Once you have successfully been clunged, you can die happy.
Man 1: Dude, are you still a virgin?
Man 2: Nah mate, I shagged Vicky last night.
Man 1: Ahhh man, you've clunged! I'm cooler than you though, I've had three clunges already.

*60 years later*

Man 1: (old man voice) Alright Horace, how you doing man?
Man 2: (old man voice) FUCK YOU JIM, I've shagged 76 women! I am Completely Clunged!
Man 1: (old man voice) Ah, I've had 77.
Man 2: (old man voice) (angry) Shit... (shouts) NURSE! Come in here a moment! I need some....assistance!
by manyperson August 10, 2009
Like a fucktard, but when you do not wish to swear during your insult.
Person 1: That guy is such a friztard, look at him eating his own shit.

Person 2: You mean hes a fucktard?

Person 1: Shut up, I gave up swearing for rent, you little hunt mucker!!!!

Person 2: But you said "shit"....

Person 1: *is smited by God for breaking lent*
by manyperson August 10, 2009
To be 'ollied' is to have your nipple licked while you are passed out unconscious.
Girl: Ahhhhh man, I have no idea what happened to me last night, I was so trashed.
Boy: Bitch, I totally ollied you.
Girl: You fucking cunt! No wonder my nipples were so wet this morning...
by manyperson August 18, 2009
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