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One who clearly loves a damn good session, and sending their head around the bend by consuming vast amounts of alcohol and/or various other substances (usually the latter)

Can usually be found talking codshit, raving, or dying in a hole.
Ha, did you see that lad crawling round the toilets after those 8 shots of tequila??! the messhead.
#codshit #raving #session #alcohol #toilets
by tarajane April 30, 2007
it comes from the french word for no job and fucked up
a mess head could do any drugs or just sniff packet meals?
someone who is so fucked they lick old newspaper cuttings for nutrition and one time they took so much pills they went back in time
jack is a messhead coz he took twenty pills
#mess #head #bbq #dinosaur #crimedog
by haimes March 30, 2008
A sick clothing line. Also can be used to refer to the wearer of said messhead clothing. Can also be used as an adjective to describe a person, though the connotation is neither good nor bad and entirely up for interpretation.
I own everything by messhead!
That kid is such a messhead, does he shop anywhere else?
What a messhead.
#messhead #clothing #people #cool stuff
by shin! November 15, 2007
a man who does not shower for days, despite getting his dick sucked by a 250 lb hog. Therefore, his hair is messy due to a lack of showering and his smaller, more sensitive dome is tarnished with the remains of a man-juice-milkshake improperly guzzled by a fat troll.
we gotta get some more messheads to occupy the poundage apparent in the bitty population of this party.
by drdecent February 10, 2004
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