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a semi lobon can be gained by lookin at something arousing like a dead badger or your mates mum. the resultin is a half erect penis which can be used to beat gypsies or perform wang shapes with
scuba steve gained a semi-lobon then beat a girl unconcious with it
by haimes March 31, 2008
it comes from the french word for no job and fucked up
a mess head could do any drugs or just sniff packet meals?
someone who is so fucked they lick old newspaper cuttings for nutrition and one time they took so much pills they went back in time
jack is a messhead coz he took twenty pills
by haimes March 30, 2008
this is a absolute dickhead you just want to smash up because hes being a bellend by shagging a cat or something
jack is a cuntasarausrex
by haimes March 30, 2008

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