A word that can be used when you have nothing to say, can't think of anything to say, or are in a conversation and it is awkward, so you randomly say it.

Or, you can just say it anytime you want if you think it's funny when people look at you weird. :]
James: I'm bored.

Martha: Me too.....

James: ......

Martha: ....

James: Merm.
by Alley Cat! February 17, 2008
A nickname generally used for girls with the name Meredith. The long version would be "Mermadeth," but it's easier to just say Merms. It's a take on referring to her as a mermaid, as she is beautiful and sings as luring and attracting as sirens from mythology.
Martha: I think Merms should play Ariel in The Little Mermaid!
Julia: She's a beautful singer!
Emily: Plus, she's a mermaid.
Meredith (Merms): ...I'm not actually a mermaid...
by RabuPep June 14, 2011
A mullet that is permed.
He took that mullet to the next level with a merm.
by awayland August 24, 2010
v., to involuntarily defecate while receiving anilingus
Get out of there I am going to merm!
by Fred G Leebron August 14, 2003
a word used to pause, similar to 'well' and 'um'
"Merm, I don't know."
by Dominic Mikus May 12, 2005
used in the south pacific as a type of og, but behind their tuff exterior is a very confused and unsure person, dat is ready to snap at any time.
man, why u acting like dat, u a merm man, straight up.
by joseph smith April 19, 2005
The gender classification for transgender individuals with ambiguous sexual characteristics, though leaning slightly towards masculine characteristics.
I've got testicles inside my labia. I must me a merm!
by Zach Block June 06, 2005

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