1)The act of mercking.
2)To perform a certain task.
1) Hey, merc me a beer.
2) Merc that light, will you?
3) Damn, I mercked the hell outta that bitches pussy last night.
by KushMe June 26, 2006
To masterbate/jackoff to video games with controller in hand
Hey guys I'm bout to merc on you're ass
by Kyle smiles February 14, 2010
To move at a quick pace or speed. As in very quick.
Dude, that Camery just merc'd it around us! What a predator!
by John Ralph July 23, 2006
noun - an overly used nickname
Yo merc, can i go to the game wit u?
by unoriginal merc March 14, 2004
A complete slut who goes from clan to clan without ever playing with any skill what so ever
ref to jew
Hey guys can i join your clan
Im in 1st now
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
1) Despite what that American idiot who requested it to be deleted said, people do actually use this as slang for a Mercedes.

2) Mercenary
1) Lads, I pissed on a Merc last night. Goddamn yuppie bastards.

2) Fuck it, let's just hire a Merc to kill him.
by Snake January 30, 2005
Like when you feel something so good.
or also
When you murder something
That female give me good head that felt like merc.
or also
I merc that video game to level 100.
by J to da P July 05, 2004

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