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From the ancient history of the internets], and usenet] in particular, a meower was an early sort of organized troll. Basically, meowers were a group of usenet trolls] who congregated in the newsfroup]]. There, they would organize raids] on other, unsuspecting newsgroups, descending upon them in droves, and flooding the group with 'meow' messages or cascades], thus rapidly rendering their target completely unusable.
Christ! The meowers have just invaded rec.books again!
by Allie-cat May 30, 2011
A cat, domestic or wild, however typically domestic.
"Toby, you're the cutest little meower I know!"

"That stupid little meower tore all the ornaments off our christmas tree!"

"Mmmm, meower soup."
by tybrenis January 04, 2010
A girl who meows during actual conversation or through text/IM messages

Most likely has an obsession with cats and becomes overly excited when discussing cats

May not meow until she is totally comfortable with the people she's around

According to the Meow Law she is most likely crazy and good in bed
1. Dude, I knew she was a meower, all she does is talk about her cats

2. I knew it was on once she meowed
by dennis-frogman July 31, 2012
Can be used as a substitute for many vulgar words such as fucker or non-vulgar words such as loser.

ORIGIN: One day, I happened to start meowing, and then I started calling people meowers. The end.
You're such a meower. (You're such a bitch.)
Meower power! (Loser power.)
by Amaya March 29, 2005
Miss Meower. To Strut your stuff down the sidewalk. Typically, a meower only qualifies if she is physically hot and mentally smart. Damn she is a total meower.
meow,whats the damn problem here meow? I am mega meower....bow down and kiss my tail!

me to the yow to the yoew to the yizzoew!
by The Inventor of meowism February 04, 2010

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