someone who is interested in mental or spiritual practices.
someone who is clearly mad and is not ashamed of it. someone who persistantly defies there mates telling them "don't do that you mentalist"
"I bet you i could jump over that river"
"Fuck off you mentalist!"
"no no no, i rekon i can." <snip> long detailed explanation follows
by TheTalon October 19, 2003
A person with a) a mental disorder, b) a penchant for doing things of a dangerous or "mental" nature
Fucking fuck off or I'll fuck you up the fucking A-hole you motherfucking fucker - don't you fucking look at me like that you fucking fuckstick, you think I won't fucking kill you, you unclefucking butfucker. Fuck off. What are you? some kind of mentalist?
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