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See plastics
A perfect is like an uber-plastic. They think they are the most popular people ever. All the plastics aspire to be, and are medicore copies of the perfects. They are slutty bitches and generally only pretend to be nice.
Plastic 1: Omgz!!!!111!!1 *bows down* I love you hair!
Perfect 1: Thankuu, u may rise.
Perfect 2: Now go fetch me a drink *bitches to other perfects about annoying little kidz*
by Mentalists October 29, 2008
A person who follows the religion "Mentalism"
The requirments to becoming a mentalist are:
-to be mental or physically unstable OR be a carer of said people
-To have the ability to trip over at least 4 times a day over thin air OR be able to tell when a person is about to do so
-To have 3 or more "not my" boyfriends on the go OR to try and keep a person who has from getting to far in (literally) to relationships
-To swear an oath of allience to Iona, the High Queen of the unstables and her carer, Jess, the saviour of the 'tards
-Use oxymorons a lot
'"Jess, I need help!" *flaps wrists*
"What is it dear?"
"I may or may not, with a slight posability that I might have accidentaly-on purposly, given my sort of not really-boyfriend the idea that I love him"
"And do you?"
"No, I'm bored and on a sugar rush..."
"Well, your in a bit of a Quinkydink aren't you dear"' Quoth the daily conversation of the queen and saviour of the mentalists
by Mentalists October 29, 2008

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