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One who is mental - first coined by UK sitcom "I'm Alan Partridge" (Episode 5)
What are you doing, you mentalist?
by Mamba July 15, 2003
Originally a mentalist was an adherent or advocate of a mentalistic school of psychology or psychiatry. Someone who believes that some mental phenomena cannot be explained by physical laws (i.e. telepathy and mind reading).

While a psychic may claim to observe an underlying spiritual reality and report on it, in a process known as a "psychic reading," a mentalist, by contrast, might claim the ability to manipulate that reality in order to create a different manifestation.

The term "mentalist" also refers to "psychic" entertainers whose illusions feature the apparent ability to read minds, foretell the future, and see distant and hidden objects. This branch of magic is referred to as "mentalism".

"Mentalist" has more recently become a tongue-in-cheek insult for when someone is behaving oddly or wackily, thanks to tv series "Alan Partridge" and "The Office".

"Lee Hicks is a mentalist."

"Darren Brown is an amazing mentalist."
by plasmatika September 27, 2005
In backwater police department jargon:

(1) a soft file wherein the names, addresses and other vital information about people regarded as having emotional, cognitive and/or behavioral disorders are kept;

(2) a soft file containing the names of people who've pissed off police officers to such an extent they have been wrongfully branded as having emotional, cognitive and/or behavioral disorders in order to ensure they'll receive "extra special handling".
Chief Schultz: Do we like anyone for that vandalism at 1 Civic Center?

Deputy Chief Feist: -I don't know, let's consult with the
mentalist and see whom we can start leaning on.
by 100%PTSD/MTBI August 17, 2012
A person who is mental and proud. The term is not meant in an offencive way and is often used by friends or relatives.
"(sigh) You're such a mentalist!"
by lalalaura_xx January 19, 2009
A performer of illusions that appear to be psychic in origin. The illusionist can present Extra Sensory Perception, mind over matter, precognition, or super mental abilities )such as memory or mathematics).
The mentalist Scott Xavier read my mind at a work function.
by Southsider February 05, 2015
A person who follows the religion "Mentalism"
The requirments to becoming a mentalist are:
-to be mental or physically unstable OR be a carer of said people
-To have the ability to trip over at least 4 times a day over thin air OR be able to tell when a person is about to do so
-To have 3 or more "not my" boyfriends on the go OR to try and keep a person who has from getting to far in (literally) to relationships
-To swear an oath of allience to Iona, the High Queen of the unstables and her carer, Jess, the saviour of the 'tards
-Use oxymorons a lot
'"Jess, I need help!" *flaps wrists*
"What is it dear?"
"I may or may not, with a slight posability that I might have accidentaly-on purposly, given my sort of not really-boyfriend the idea that I love him"
"And do you?"
"No, I'm bored and on a sugar rush..."
"Well, your in a bit of a Quinkydink aren't you dear"' Quoth the daily conversation of the queen and saviour of the mentalists
by Mentalists October 29, 2008
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