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plural for the word Milf.
I went to a PTA meeting last night and I saw so many melves.
by Clana September 03, 2005
58 17
a "Mom Everyone would Like to Fuck"
My hot ass wife is a MELF, she's a Mom Everyone would Like to Fuck !
by Rhyno and Melf July 09, 2009
65 40
slang acronym similar in usage to milf which means "Midget or Elf i'd Like to Fuck"
"Check out that midget."
"Yeah, that's one hot MELF."
by SteveR_FiveOH September 27, 2007
34 31
a very silly, kind of figity person
Casey is such a melf
by bunny November 13, 2003
38 38
short form of saying: the world has lied to me in so many ways. or, a form of the "eff" word, more acceptable to older adults.
oh, the world has melfed me over
by melf March 22, 2005
19 32
Shortened version of myself, used as a name or less conformative and egotistical self reference. Can also be used as simplified statement of fantastical racial origin; i.e. Me conjoined with Elf.
"Melf is back."
by Rachael January 08, 2004
10 28
1)An adolescent boy who desperately wants to be an elf.
2)A man-elf.

(Based on a true story of a kid who dresses like an elf and took his dad's last name just because it was Melf)
That kid loves prancing in the woods wearing pixie garb way too much. He is such a Melf.
by Melf January 07, 2004
7 28