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mental-gone a tad bit mad
have u melted? melted in the brain?
by mani August 04, 2003
8 31
well-dressed; beyond butter
oh shit this nigga is cleeeeeean
by skeet July 12, 2004
73 47
A state of mind you fall into when you take too much MDMA. Said melted person would feel like they have melted into or onto whatever they are sitting on. A melted person would not be able to do anything productive for 2-3 hours after the consumption of the drug.
"Susie was so melted when she said that to you"
by TheMelted December 22, 2009
41 24
When a segment or piece of music is so ridiculously trippy it feels like you're brain is melting.
Jack: Aye, did you hear Death Grips new album?
Liam: Yeah, the Black Dice intro was melted.
by Yung L Da BasedGod October 01, 2012
6 3
A word typically said when one is, "shitted on" via real life or the digital world.

Nerd #2: Damn, he just got melted.

Nigger #1: Dang cuz, you see young Frank throwing that right hook on that herb ass bitch down on the corner?

Nigger #2: Hell yeah, that nigga was melted!
by Chachi Jones Jr. September 13, 2013
2 1
When you get knocked out, to the point where you have to have smelling salts to wake you up
Oh shit homie, this nigga got melted!!
by ToneLessLOC beyotch January 17, 2011
9 8
The act of climaxing while listing to music
I melted everywhere in my girlfriend's room,while listening to Deadsy.
by vamp1989 July 10, 2008
15 18
Bummer; what a waste; sucks to be you
Mary: I booked cinema tickets for tomorrow and now we don't have a day off school then!
John: Melted
by Mick O Morrissey December 05, 2009
4 19