1. A mispronounciation of the word lemonade...caused by one "Homestar Runner's" speech impediment
it all stawded when i deceided to dwink therty-two gwasses of melonade
by Mike Chap August 08, 2003
Top Definition
Homestar runner's favorite tasty drink.
"It all started when I decided to drink 32 glasses of melonade"

"I have to stop drinking so much melonade, Marzipan, I think I have a serious problem"
by coolpersonyo August 28, 2003
1) A tasty fruity 'ade made from melons.
2) Best when drank out of a tall glass, after eating Fluffy Puff Marshmallows.
"Before I drink a tall glass of melonade, I like to eat about 147 Fluffy Puff Marshmallooowwwwwssssss..."
by cruste January 28, 2003
A delicious drink made from melons, accually pronounced "mewonade," featured on Homestarrunner.net, "It's dot com!" (RIGHT ON !! :-D) And its.. "made from the best stuff" !! Go to.. Homestarrunner.com
"It allllll started when I decided to drink 32 gwasses of mewonade !!" -Homestar
by LilHotThang July 04, 2003
A very tasty drink featured on Homestarrunner.com. Made from melons, duh. Aid's your ade.
A glass of melonade? For me? Thanks, The Cheat!
by Iceman June 21, 2003
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