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1. Sub-genre pigs Malay / illegal / palat / pukimak / tungkik / smell Speng / izumen / sham pong and laimang

2. Malay who easily get butt-hurt with some trolls/jokes

3. Took from English word "Malaise"

4. Mat Rempit, Malay Minah dump baby, Malay child rapists, Malay lottery gamblings, Malay parents who smoke infront their baby, Malay making noise in the cinema, Malays wear tudung but do 3GP, Snatch thief Malay

5. Malay people who speaks in Malay only and they will send hate comments to Malay people who trying to speaks in English.
Meleis easily get butt-hurt.

Don't be like Meleis man, this is only jokes.
by obe obefiend November 08, 2010