A rapper from the Homewood-Brushton, which is located on Pittsburgh's east end. The artist is a member of Da Movement & 1st Round Draft Picks aka. FRB. He's well known as a former participant in the soundclick.com battle league NuBreed. He is most noted, however, for being a part of FRB, who in summer of 07' Topped the New School charts for the state of PA (soundclick.com) with their smash hit, "Class In Session". His solo mixtape, Silent Assasin Vol.1 is to drop Summer 2008.
That nigga Melee is ill Son Period.
Homies Melee is one of the nicest in the Burgh.
by HoodHistorian_412 February 25, 2008
Top Definition

*Hand-to-hand combat.

*Combat involving non-projectile battle, particularly with fists, club, etc.

*Verb : to inflict a physical attack on someone, usually with a non-sharp weapon like a club or a rifle-butt.
"In SOCOM I ran up to that guy and meleed his sorry ass."
by Dave April 16, 2004
Hand to hand combat.
Those melee units with swords and shields look cooler than those range units with bows and arrows.
by VmprHunter.D April 13, 2003
me-lee (may-lay)

1- a close-range attack, sometimes hand to hand but usually with the butt of a weapon.

2- The second "Super Smash Bros" game.

3- An awesome word to shout out when tension is particularly high, the goal being to instigate a fight.
1-Simmons:"Dude, you just melee'd that guy in the back of his head! he never saw it coming!"

2-Steve:"Hey man, you want to play some Melee?"
Todd:"No way man, I've got Brawl. Melee is so last-gen."

3-Jack:"So, how do we decide who gets the last cookie?"
by The BXRabbit September 28, 2008
When everyone is fighting at the same time. A brawl.
The quarrel at the bar resulted in a melee of fists, kicks, and broken furniture.
by AYB March 20, 2003
A douchy fight.
I was at a footie match and a melee broke out. Guys were chest bumping, flicking each other's ears, and chest bumping like crazy!!!
by SoccerGuy1999 July 06, 2012
juicy information about someone's life. also known as Caribbean's people gossip
"Sarah, did you hear about what happened to Melaney?"
"No", said Sarah," Tell me the melee!"
by kimmy121397 October 23, 2011
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