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Melania is a wonderful and beautiful person. She loves laughing and making people laugh. At first she might be shy but once you get to know her shell be one of the most important people in your life. She is such a good friend and will always be there for you. She's very picky with men , so if you end up with a Melania you're are one lucky guy ! Love Melanias and care for them and never make them feel left out (they can be hurt easily since they tend to overthink too much)
Damn Melania looks hot today
by Harryybridge94 June 24, 2014
Noun:person (melania) synonym:wonderwoman,adjective:preety
She is a very awesome friend she can whip,nae nae,and hit the quan,
and can hit her friends to with a slight punch
very over protective friend.has a big bright preety smile and sometimes when she laughs she sounds like a wild animal (sometimes)
she is goals with you know who,and if one of her friends is crying she Flys over like a super hero and saves the day aka wonderwoman,or if someone is talking shit about her friends she will find you and she will beat that bitch.
Example:Melania be working on dem squats.
by by:best friend December 20, 2015
pertaining to black
1. The car was melania.

2. The dresser had a melania tint.
by melnea369 June 27, 2010
Can be a nice person but is mostly so self absorbed that she hurts everybody around her without knowing or excepting that she is doing so. She can be spiteful and hateful out of her own pains and usually doesn't care what other people think. She can also be someone to watch out for when it comes to your bf, she wants what she cant have and when she does have it she breaks it like an old toy. Beware or Melanias
Omg She is Such A Melania!
by SH2012 November 21, 2011
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