A very hot blonde with a beautiful body! An amazing personality too, all the boys love her...
I hope to get a Meggie for a date to the dance!
#meggie #hot #beautiful #blonde #amazing #personality #body #very
by Chadguy_football July 25, 2008
Top Definition
a term which means to be extremely awesome.
hey, dude, youre totally meggie!
#meggie #cool #awesome #extremely awesome #cool terms
by kippyali611 July 03, 2006
The sunshine of my life, the most gorgeous woman on the planet, the best friend I've ever had, the best thing that ever happened to me, she has the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen, the perfect woman and the best cook ever :), the most forgiving person I know, my soulmate and my future wife, I love you man, chit!
I can't live without Meggie...
#meggy #margaret #mygirl #love #perfect
by eternal love for you February 04, 2010
A short brunette aussie girl who is drop dead gorgeous, has an amazing body and is probably the coolest girl to talk too
Meggie is the perfect girl
#meggie #meg #meggiepoo #australian #aussie
by Woowee January 03, 2015
A Meggie is a person that was born in the old St. Hughs nursing home in Cleethorpes,Lincolnshire.If you were not born in that nursing home then you cannot be called a true Meggie.
Cleethorpes seafront is also known as down Meggies,and the story goes that Meggie was a smuggler who used lanterns to fool sailing ships into sailing into the treacherous waters of Cleethorpes foreshore and then plundering the contents of the said ships.
Meggie,Cleethorpes resident,smuggler and plunderer
#meggy #meggey #megay #pirate #cleethorpes.
by MGB2004 December 07, 2012
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