Most explosive than a nuclear bomb. Frontman Dave Mustaine is the main trigger for the explosion. Best band in the world!
Megadeth is the rain blood that runs in my veins
by Manel January 31, 2004
Amazing band that is as good as Metallica any day.
Megadeth rocks!
by Detranova July 28, 2003
Best metal band of the 80's 90's and today, releasing such hits as Symphony of Destruction, Peace Sells... But Whos Buying, Trust, Hangar 18, Forclosure of a Dream and many other great songs. Formed by former Metallica member (and co-founder) Dave Mustaine, who, contrary to popular belief, was kicked out of Metallica after a fight which occured when Metallica frontman James Hetfield kicked one of Dave's dogs.
Billy: Hey yo, I found me some cool music by Megadeth.
John: Right on Billy, Megadeth rock hard!
Steven: They certainly do.
by MD March 24, 2005
1. The Death of 1,000,000 people in a nuclear explosion

2. A band created by former metallica guitarist dave mustaine , They play harder and faster than MetallicA ... They also stick to what they are good at and didn't sell out like MetallicA.

Megadeth are the best speed metal band ever
by Junglemanchild January 26, 2005
Death by Heavy Metal. The ultimate divine death for any aspiring metal fan. The only pure and noble death achievable.
Autopsy report; Cause of death; Megadeth.

Tombstone; He died nobly of Megadeth
Rust in Peace
by Eric Wood May 05, 2005
A generic word for anything judged to be better than Metallica.
in deciding between metallica and megadeth, you have to ask do you care about ability, or passion, emmotion and song writing?
by Slevyn Skenska August 04, 2003
Better than Metallica.
Megadeth > Metallica. Enough said.
by Strykur May 09, 2006

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