a huge bowl pack, gets everybody who smokes from it super high. typically passed around 3 people to get everyone retarded high for hours on end. a pastime on saturday nights at a college campus
Guy 1: im bored, you guys wanna get high, or retarded?

Guy 2: retarded, pack a megadeth

Guy 1: okay, were gettin stoned tonight!
by bongrippah69 January 16, 2013
Definitive state-of-the-art Heavy Metal band. Created to mock Metallica. A task they excelled at.
Enjoyed glory in the late 80s and early 90s. Now sadly turned into a bored, heavily-merchandised,
mega-nostalgia-regurgitation machine. Megadeth is infamously headed by the excruciatingly haughty
born-again Christian, Dave Mustaine. A man who rivals Kilroy Silk for foot-in-mouth antics.
"It's time for snapping some neck! Slashing, thrashing to Megadeth!"
by Curt Sibling September 09, 2008
A second-rate Metallica.
"Don't look now to Israel! It might be your... woah is that a joint?"

- Dave Mustaine, Megadeth
by Izin2296 April 25, 2010
An overrated used-to-be-thrash band.
Just like Metallica, they're not thrash anymore. They've moved on to heavy metal, although Metallica became hardrock'ish and now (kind of) redeemed itself with Death Magnetic. Megadeth has a bunch of good albums including Rust In Peace, United Abominations, So Far So Good So What, Peace Sells.. But Who's Buying and Killing Is My Business..And Business Is Good to name a few.
Anyone claiming Megadeth is the "best metal band on earth" doesn't know ENOUGH about music. Not bashing your opinions, but it's not the "best metal band on earth". Check out Exodus, Kreator or Testament. I'm not saying THEY are the best bands on earth, but they're still thrash and alot of people saying Megadeth is the best band, haven't heard of these bands.

And oh yeah, Marty is better than Kirk by a long shot (again no fanboy)
Person A: Wow, Megadeth is waaaaay better than Metallica, fuck that, it's the best metal band on earth!

Person B: I get what you're saying. But Metallica and Megadeth are kinda on the same wavelength regarding their younger years. Now, they're different and especially in the 90s, Megadeth sounded heavier than Metallica. Although I think the "it's the best metal band on earth!" part is you being ignorant.
by NuclearCactus August 01, 2009
An influential and pioneer metal band from the 80's and early 90's.
Megadeth is NOT speed metal.
by buttsex rapist April 17, 2003
a decent band that will never be as good as metallica was. but the thing is, everyone's gotta stop sounding like assholess. dont get pissed at people for their music and leave other people's music alone.its true metallica sold out with load... or possibly even black album. dave didnt form metallica, lars did. so lars and james arent assholes for kicking him out. mustaine was a crackhead
sorry, but megadeth isnt as good as metallica
by zack423 September 28, 2006
Megadeth<Metallica Dave fucked up not james and lars fault
Dave was a drunk and would have destroyed metallica
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