the best metal band... correction, best band in the universe. lead by Dave Mustaine, megadeth kicks more arse then anyone or anything. Dave was kicked out of metallica, but look at him now, Metallica fucked up bad with St.Anger and Megadeth released probably the best heavy metal/metal album of all time; the system has failed. too bad mustaine got rid of Ellefson and Friedman and Menza, those guys kicked soo much arse, but James Glenn and Shaun still kick arse
Bob: Fuck you Jesus, i found a new religion, its called Megadeth
Jesus: Why, wot do they hav that i dont?
Bob: They play kick arse music, and fucking mad guitar solo's

Megadeth is my religion, and Dave Mustaine is my god!!!
by Lacho the Droogie lnnl lnnl June 25, 2005
1. Measure of damage in a nuclear explosion, i.e. 1 million deaths. Spelt megadeath.

2. Metal band formed by Dave Mustaine after kicked out of Metallica. Metallica did good without him, and just as well he got kicked out, cos now we have two seriously cool bands instead of one, even if Megadeth kicks more ass than Metallica.
1. Oh shit, we're soo in trouble!

2. Megadeth soo kick ass!
by metal up your ass! May 05, 2005
the greatest band ever to live. better than metallica, they use different scale types and more emotionally based solos than metallica and their use of the e pentatonic scale for every song. dave mustaine didnt cut his hair and turn all gay like metallica, he still knows what metal is, and even though they've strayed from the olden days when they kicked more ass than ever, they will always be the world's best metal band. enough said.
Bill: im gonna go listen to metallica, the greatest, most original band ever

Mark: haven't you heard of megadeth?

Bill: No. who are they?

(Bill listens to megadeth)

Bill: wow they are much better! set the world afire totally kicks enter sandmans ass!!!
by Ben Swartout April 09, 2006
1.) 1 Million deaths due to Nuclear warfare(really spelled Megadeath)

2.) The greatest Metal band that has ever been created. Kicks Metallica in the teeth in everyway.
1.) Oh god, Megadeth has occured!

by Nick December 12, 2004
A metal band formed by ex metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine. Mustaine holds a grudge against metallica, one of the main reasons is he is a writer of most of their songs on their first two cds, including the call of ktulu which mustaine remaid into Hanger 18. Metallica titled one of their songs 'Holier then thou'which was a lyric from the song 'Holy wars...the punishment due'from the megadeth album that came out a year before leading fans to believe that this song is directed towards dave. On Megadeths newest album the song Something im not is rumored towards Metallica members. the band was forced to quit when Mustaine suffered a nerve injury in his hand. He turned to christianity and was soon able to play guitar again. ellifson the bassist sued dave for not giving him his share of the money made of megadeth. and lars and Dave still hate each other even after their 'makeup' on the Some kind of monster DVD released by metallica.
Wow megadeth is a million times better then mettallica. some kinda monster what a great song.not.
by Eric J Martin March 19, 2006
THE greatest metal band in all of history. Single handedly paved the way for thrash and speed metal. Formed in 1984 after Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica, and thank god he was. Formed Megadeth as a rival to Metallica and proved without a doubt why he is the god that he is. Megadeth are the premier speed metal band, incredible solos, mind blowing lyrics and insanely good albums, ever single one of Megadeth's albums pisses all over Metallica. Stayed true to their roots, didn't sell out like Metallica and are still rockin' hard today. Restored my faith in metal and caused me to start my own religion with Mustaine as the chief god - Megadethism aka Mustaineism. Join today!
Megadeth could kick Metallica's ass any day. Just compare the albums to see why.
by Mustaine = God May 01, 2006
1. The only great thrash metal band from the 80's and 90's who hasn't sold out.

2. The genius of Dave Mustaine.
Slayer and Metallica used to be great bands until they sold out like a bunch of fucking cocks. St. Anger is the definition of sell out. In fact, I'm going to go add that to "sell out" now. Although not great, The System Has Failed is the album that proved Megadeth will never sell out.
by MetalManiac666 July 26, 2006

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