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female usually known for extreme highs and lows, harms peoples self esteems and ego's without a thought and does harm to all in path
Jean is a megabitch, she controls everyone around her and makes them feel like {shit}. She also makes kids cry. she is such a mega bitch.
by John Fossil June 22, 2006
Same as bitch but is the epitome of the word. A contestible female who is self absorbed, materialistic, and often conniving.
Person 1: I won't even deal with (lisa), she'll screw you in a second, and won't think twice.
Person 2: Sounds pretty bad.
Person 1: Oh, yeah. She's the megabitch.
by 3Dradio May 17, 2006
A female of super-sized, intolerable, and uncalled for bitchiness with an extra side of "Oh no she didn't..."
Talking amongst the chattering crowd...

Girl 1: I totally understand it now Krystyna, thanks!
Girl 2: No problem babe. Happy I cleared that up for y-
Megabitch: (Snaps to Girls) -Uh HELLO?! Excuse me? Do you have a question? Well do you? Oh well, shut your face because nobody cares.
Girl 1: Whoa! Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning with a stick up their ass!
Girl 2: Yeah, that cunt is a total megabitch.
by LongWay2Go February 17, 2009
Someone who complains seemingly for the sport of it, or a person who invokes a serious loathing.
"Oh, quit being such a Mega-bitch!"
"Is it? It is! The mega-bitch!"
by KAI July 07, 2004
noun - the seat located in the middle of the front seat of a car.
Jack: Not bitch!
Herbert: Shotgun!
Lisa: Not Mega Bitch!
by PopMoneyBills March 16, 2007
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