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A female of super-sized, intolerable, and uncalled for bitchiness with an extra side of "Oh no she didn't..."
Talking amongst the chattering crowd...

Girl 1: I totally understand it now Krystyna, thanks!
Girl 2: No problem babe. Happy I cleared that up for y-
Megabitch: (Snaps to Girls) -Uh HELLO?! Excuse me? Do you have a question? Well do you? Oh well, shut your face because nobody cares.
Girl 1: Whoa! Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning with a stick up their ass!
Girl 2: Yeah, that cunt is a total megabitch.
by LongWay2Go February 17, 2009
Fictional cocktail for haters by haters. Infused with jealousy, arsenic, & all that's negative for a bitchass sting.
Sister 1: Hey you have a smudge on your cheek.
Sister 2: Ugh!? I was just talking to Craig and you decide to tell me NOW? Great. Thanks a lot. Some friend you turned out to be.
Sister 1: WHOA!? I just noticed it right now. What's your problem? You're so bitchy lately...quit sipping on your haterini. Geesh.
by LongWay2Go February 17, 2009
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