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A magical plane of existance closely related to the ether. It deals with non matierial objects.
He drew his power from the Aether.
by Quinton February 27, 2005
A mixed drink that consists of any flavor of jones soda and vodka. It mixes perfectly every time and can impress any and every girl due to the prime taste and bright color.
Girl: I'm so thirsty. I wish someone would make me a drink.
Guy: You want an aether?
Girl: it's so pretty and it doesn't taste like crap.

15 minutes later
Girl: how much alcohol did you put in here? I'm totes drunk.
by Blue Burner January 27, 2013
Ike's signature move. He throws his sword, catches it in midair, then hits his foe. This attack is awesome pwn in every way.

*pwns BK*
by Greener225 June 22, 2009
pure liquid awesomeness. Often used to describe someone much better than yourself at something.
unbelievable.... that kid is so Aether!
by Aether November 30, 2004
Someone who is a terrible rifle and probably never gets outside
Wow, I just got out of a terrible PUG. I swear, they were all Aethers!
by the greater dod community March 01, 2005
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