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short friendly version of Michelle
My names Michelle, but you can call me Meesh
by Ben Crawford November 11, 2003
sexy and cool person
that meesh is so sexy and cool
by K February 10, 2005
Noun, Verb. This word's history is derived from the ancient children of Guatemala and one of America. It means to be cute or cuddly. To have the cutest potential of anything around.
Oh my God Alex your dog is so meesh how old is he?

or you can use it as a noun and just say Meesh as a statement.
by Tia Bobango March 01, 2008
a word to be used when you cant think of a better word. only if you are Megan and a total hetch
yeah so megan and i totally hetched and meesh and yeah. good job.
by FARTIE FART FART April 17, 2012
Derived from the name 'Misha', it is used as a replacement for a word, usually a swear word.
1. What the Meesh!
2. Shut the Meesh up!
3. Are you Meeshing kidding me?!
by Mishasowner August 15, 2010
A silent or secret fart. It is only a true meesh if no one knows that it is you who dealt it.

Although, you may tell others afterwards for amusement.
"...I just meeshed."
by oxoxo_i_luhvz_kittehz_oxoxo May 22, 2010
A seriously lazy, grouchy, angry, scratchy troglodyte who has an unnatural love of merkins and peanuts. Steals your milk and your soul. Also wears purple pants.
Don't be such a meesh.
by pony Express October 15, 2010