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A word used when suprised or confused.
-She threw her shoe at him for no reason.
~>.< Oro??
by nekobaby89 July 03, 2003
To hug, squeeze, or cuddle someone in a freindly, entergetic, or loving way. Usually used as an internet term
Mae Huggled him tightly
He huggled her happily
by nekobaby89 July 03, 2003
A word that can be used when one is:
1) Annoyed
2) Confused (May be subsituted with Oro"
3) doesnt care
1) "Hey, do your homework!"
2) ~Kicks her leg~
"Meh?? aka "Oro??"
3) "Hey, wanna go somwhere?"
by nekobaby89 July 03, 2003
To say something when annoyed or when you dont care.
"No, go away!"
"Hey, We're going to the park."
by nekobaby89 July 03, 2003

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