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Someone who looks like a thug but is really a nerd
Ki ki: Girl check that guy out he's fine.
Le Le: pssh girl that guys a real meep mop.
#nerd #looksthug #scrub #lame #wack
by Bermudagold March 30, 2015
A person who is good looking but has nothing to offer
person 1: Hey girl check that guy out he is so cute.
person2: Girl, I know him you don't want that guy. He is a real meep mop.
person1: Serz
#lame #nerd #scrub #wangsta #bum #goodfornothing
by Bermudagold March 30, 2015
A girl that puts her hair over her face, moves her head side to side, and make "meep" noises like cousin it from the adam's family as a method to avoid answering questions.
Person 1: Did you remember to do you taxes?
Meep Mop: Meep Meep Meep Meep!!!
Person 1: Ha ha.. Oh meep mop
#meepmop #meep mop #meeping #maureen #cousin it
by meepfriend November 27, 2009
If you don't meep the mop the mop wont meep the meep.
I meepmoped all over her face and then she meeped on my mop.
#meep #mop #momeep #bobeep #meepmop
by kevias July 02, 2009
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