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an alternative rock band created in the late nineteen ninedys by the director of "Harold and Kumar Go 2 White Castle"'s nephew and his two super cool friends. unfortunetly those radical dudes recently broke up.
Notice in the movie Harold and Kumar Go 2 White Castle Kumar is wearing a shirt with a picture of a red round face with headphones on it that says Meekrab
by Alex Robles August 14, 2006
an extremely foul tasting sauce, that will eventually replace the word shit in the near future, or possibly mean something along the same lines of shit, except much, much worse
ih my god, this shit tastes like meekrab! i couldnt eat another bite for $1,000,000!
by john doe April 10, 2005
1. A euphemism for a thing too vile and disgusting to mention by name. 2.You know the level of hell reserved for child molesting priests? The level below that, is Meekrab.
Bush's "Operation Freedom" has turned into "Operation Meekrab".
by Doe Doe May 19, 2005
meekrab is the 20th century version of the word shit.
i sat on a piece of meekrab yesterday. My friend saw this and nearly meekrabed in his pants.
by Andy Fox October 13, 2004
The action of giving birth to oneself before you are born
Look... that kid is meekrabing!
by Fenni August 04, 2006
A tangy sauce ejected from the asshole of a man with herpes.
Madroxide Child eats meekrab daily.
by Jane Doe August 08, 2004
A fuckin shitty tasting turban food. Alot of sand monkeys devour this crap and then have the shitts for weeks
Wow! that piece of meekrab was as good as a crusty vagina!
by sfafsatret December 10, 2006
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