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THE worst word in the English / Thai language according to Cartman. "You know, that stuff you get as a appetizer at Thai food restaurants. "meecrob" is way grosser than "shit," dude. I'd scarf down a whole wet bucket full of shit before I ate another plate of meecrob."
Meecrob is really terrible to eat.
by jackson June 08, 2004
1277 240
1. An alternate spelling of mee krob, a Thai dish made from pork, shrimp and egg in a sweet-and-sour sauce mixed with either rice or noodles.

2. A euphamism for shit.
1. I'd like the meecrob and an iced tea.

2. You're so full of meecrob.
by Talia December 06, 2003
483 147
Inedible garbage that even God hates.
by anonymous May 15, 2003
305 235
As introduced on South Park, one of the 7 Cursed Words.
Your mother is a meecrob.
by pythonspam November 06, 2003
212 233
Oh My GOD! Don't get me started on Meecrob. OK, for starters, it's a shitty little Thai dish, made with Pork, Sweet and Sour sauce, and, yes you heard me, "crusty noodles". It looks like shit and tastes 40 times worse. Now I have to go and wash my mouth, dam Meecrob, it should seriosly be a swear word.
"Dude, that MEECROB is whack."
"Ok, I'm just going to the bathroom to lay some MEECROB."
"When you said the dare was to eat shit, you didn't say anything about MEECROB."
by James - Seth Wood October 04, 2005
189 223
yes it is worse than shit
meecrob is worse that shit
by A*N*D*R*E*W* May 03, 2005
114 200
The smelly viscous like fluid that is secreted from the eye.
damn, look at all the meecrob coming out of your eye!

Dude I know its so gross, I rather have shit coming out of my ears

by J. Eyer & E. Budge April 07, 2007
30 165