Animal that frolics freely in Unserland
Theres El_Cid making sweet love to mees
by Hostage February 06, 2003
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How a giant squid would say, "me."
Would yoo like to meet mee?
by the chick with no hair October 20, 2003
An evil creature that lurks in mountains... watch out, they WILL kill you...
omfg a mees.. arrghhh.. urghh *dyd*
by AE February 05, 2003
Meese, Mees, Mes.
Short for Meese, It is among others the plural form of moose and a analogy of the proletarian(kaPy being the analogy of the Bourgeoise). Found primarily in Meesasia, teh ,hoem, and gewlag. Vicious when cornered and known to kill entire cities before falling to enemy spears.
"waj out si mes !"
by porqu May 30, 2003
individuals who do a lot of coke
the mees love the blow
by megamind2002 January 21, 2011
by SiN February 06, 2003
Affirmative response. Sounds rather like a gruff bark.
Girl: Hey, wanna go to the river?
Boy: Mees
by arlowe May 20, 2005

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