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kick-ass best friend of a girl.she's always your favorite. she can get anything she wants by just flashing that smile. not the "hottest" girl in the world..but damnnn, she is gorgeous. she is soo flyy, that you could only wish to be as fly as her. she is also a shopping freak so bewaree. basically, shes a gorgeous, loving, caring and amazing bestfriend.. and if she is single; you better get to her fast..because she is a one of kind.
azra always tends to be bosnian so beware cuz if you get on her badd side... ur gonna get your ass kicked by her brother or cousin or firend. bosnians are hard core.
man that gitl is just so azra, i can't believe it.

she's such an azra, mann.

i still am so flabbergasted as to why an azra would want to talk to me!
by alwaysalwaysalways April 30, 2009
An intelligent dude who is the second great-grandson's uncle's stepfather's thrid cousin's son of math---a freaking genius who is characterized by a lack of arrogance.
The math azra freaking rulz.
by James K. April 29, 2005
Azra is the worst human being on the planet. If you know an Azra, watch out, because she could be secretly plotting to kill you, steal your skin, and become you. Keep your friends away from her, or she might eat their eyeballs, then your friends will be blind.

If an Azra approaches you in the street and offers you life insurance, RUN. It's a lie. She's actually stealing your bank details.
She's an Azra, watch out!

I saw her coming, and I knew straight away she was an Azra. I had to stay away.
by Cremilyayton December 04, 2014
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