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1. n. A rich white liberal

Bluenecks typically reside in New England , "blue states", or large cities like the San Francisco Bay Area.

antonyms: redneck,hick,hillbilly
California is full of bluenecks.
John Kerry is a blueneck.
by ihatelosangeles July 11, 2005
A city in California that is like Tijuana except that more English is spoken in Tijuana.
Los Angeles is a crappy city.
by ihatelosangeles July 07, 2005
A racist hate gang for illegal Mexicans nationals in the USA.

Very similar to La Raza and Brownpride and the KKK
There's no difference between MEChA and the KKK
by ihatelosangeles July 07, 2005
1. A highly populated urban county in California that makes up part of the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitian Area. This county is known for is wealth and conservative politics however unlike what you see on TV, Orange County is 70% illegal aliens, 20% asians, and 9% rich faux conservative whites and 1% black.

2. An urban county in Central Florida where the city of Orlando is located, much better than the one in California.

3. A redneck county in south Texas thats full of KKK members. Right next to Jasper.
Disneyland and Disney World are both in Orange County.

I hate Orange County it is just like Mexico

There are a lot of KKK members in Orange County.
by ihatelosangeles July 07, 2005
Save Our State, an organization against the annexation of California by Mexico.
Those illegal Mexicans really hate SOS
by ihatelosangeles July 07, 2005
It means "The Race" For everything in the race, nothing for outside of the race.

What inbred racist Mexican gangs call themselves.

A Mexican national hate group that advocates for the destruction of the USA through an invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico and genocide of non-Mexicans.

La Raza controls California
Why is La Raza acceptable but not Aryan Nations?
by ihatelosangeles July 07, 2005
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