the anus
hey,nice meathole.
by Anonymous July 24, 2003
Derrogatory term for a woman, but accurate.
That filthy meathole is a piece of shit whore. She ain't worth shit.
by Mark Snicher April 11, 2005
The gaping hole left in an orifice following the withdrawal of a penis or implement after intercourse occasioning dilation.
cf Chocolate Meathole
".. so after he'd cum all over her heaving bosom he set to work lapping up the juice dribbling from the freshly serviced and still gaping meathole left by his earlier debaucheries."
by violinclination January 18, 2009
the pussy &/or the asshole
her dirty meathole engulfed my tool in a single thrust.
by Diosdado D. Pingul Jr. April 10, 2004
A really rude pornographic website, run by Khan Tusion.
my meatholes membership expired
by wank January 07, 2005
another name for a girls pussy.
She has a nice meat hole.

I love the taste of this bitches meat hole

Her meat hole in chunky
by Rakem July 16, 2006
any hole in which you would place you dick
man, that bitch last night was crazy. she let me stick it in all 4 of her meat holes
by jesus McPoonjab December 12, 2009
A really ulgy man that you see walking down the street. He usally will have a big penis, a plad shirt on, some form of long mustace and in most cases balding or already bald.This steryrotype was brought about by the "gut from meatholes" who is just some duesch bag with a big dick who beats and fucks girls.
The guy from meatholes fucked my sister,she came back and couldent sit down her skin color also changed.
by John Greco April 17, 2006

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