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Used commonly as a term for a girl who gives head or just any guy or girl who is down for kickin it.
"Look at that girl right there..."

"She durbin?"

"Hell yea. She Durbin everyone."
by DJ Fresh March 24, 2007
Cocaine. often confused with yak, which usually mean Cognac.
"gettin' f***ed up off that Yak and that Durbin

// Doin 120 gettin h**d while I'm swervin"
by idodrugs June 19, 2009
an alcoholic beverage (usually beer) which is normally 8oz or less.
Can you pass me a durbin?... I don't want to drink too much beer tonight.
by BlueMountains May 09, 2010
can be used in context for anything stupid or any action that lacked intelligence
mark : if ball gone pocket would have been super
carlo : you talk like a durbin

chris : *drops guitar*
brendan : dude your so durbin.
by houndd February 22, 2008
The use of excessive hyperbole and rhetoric when describing a situation or thing. It is commonly absurd and grossly disproportionate when used as an example. Named after Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, who often said things that in actuality were over-the-top and unsubstantiated allegations.
Al Franken pulled a durbin when he spoke of the current US actions in Iraq. His own words eventually made a mockery of his career.
by shamalama June 21, 2005