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Saylor is an extremely awesome person who is always there for you. He may come off a bit arrogant, but otherwise he is amazing. He is smart, but may be a little ditzy at times. He is cute, funny, and takes no ones crap. He is who he is and no one will ever change that. If you meet a Saylor, stay on his good side.
Man, did you hear what Saylor did today?

No what?

He told the principal to "F off"
by Boondock belle February 04, 2010
saylor is a very funny and most of the time inappropriate girl who loves to have fun. she's insecure and is always wanting everyone's approval. she loves friends and family over lots of things. she's very religious and strong in her faith. she has had many hardships in her life but is still strong. she may be awkward with guys but warms up to them. all in all she is very funny and loves to laugh. she might be shy at first but once you get to know her you'll know she's a wild thing!!!
Did you see Saylor? damn she's looking cute today
by pizzalover17 June 23, 2015
Originally from the term Sailor. This was the name of men who either were members of the Navy, or spent a life at sea fishing . Some of these men took the last name as Saylor. It was changed over time and throughout several drunken nights in pubs throughout Europe. However some kept this as a Family name as they moved west toward the new world to colonize and find a new life.
by Your Captain Saylor February 04, 2010
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