Inserting fingers into a girl's anus while she is "ontop" and assisting her in humping...
I'm getting tired, can you meat hook me?
by MeatMachine1101 January 10, 2014
1. When copping a feel. Similar to a reacharound.

2. A slutty person. Someone that will take anything.

3. Putting your finger in either a vagina or ass.
Def. 1. "My date walked me to my car and totally tried to meathook me."

Def. 2. "That meathook was kissing 4 different people just tonight..."

Def. 3. "I got meathooked in bed last night. I can't say I minded."
by ogrck September 23, 2011
To "meat hook" is to lift a person by their genitalia using your bicep. The greater amount of time spent lifted, the more effective the meat hook. The "Serated Meat Hook" is achieved when ones arm is moved from side to side quickly inducing further and greater pain.
Little James pissed me off, so in revenge I Meat Hooked him as punishment. For greater effect I dropped the meat hook action whilst little James was still in the air. Little James preceded to fall on his head-A Meat Hook KO

Other Meat Hook "games" include multiple Meat Hook when one must Meat Hook as many people as possible in a selected time limit. Extra points received for Meat Hooking members of the opposite sex.
by Schaffs June 27, 2006
large bent male genatalia that women orgasm to,and crave as compared to a short short man.
I'm bout to break off some meat hook in your baby's momma dunka dunk!!
by joe da man June 02, 2006
Imbalance Dota Skill!! Mean you going to die if you are hook by meathook. Damn Butcher -.-
Guy 1 is butcher
Guy 2 is enemy
Guy 3 is guy 2's allies

Guy 2: I go farm nc ok?
Guy 3: k, care
Guy 2: su...( haven't finished yet, a meat hook drag him out )


guy 1 pwned guy 3 head!!!!!111!!11

Guy 2: wtf??? LOL
Guy 3: Imba meat hook
Guy 1: gg hook =.=
by gg proguy December 15, 2009
A womens large clitoris or vagina. If you can see it from behind its a meat hook. Porn stars & hookers usually always have meat hooks.
"That bitch's beat down meat hook wraped around my shaft really quite well, although all that friction can make for a dry pussy hole."
by geezery September 28, 2006
to swiftly approach a man from behind, reach between his legs, firmly graps his genitals, and pull back with all of your might..

the man will fall face first to the ground

this is the sole reason never to turn your back or walk away from a woman during, or shortly after a confrontation

the woman meat hooked him while he walked away
by August 31, 2006
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