Similar to the Nostradamus or the Magic 8 Ball, Meatbaby sees beyond our temporal reality and communes with a deeper consciousness.... capable of answering the dark riddles of your life, meatbaby knows all.

Are you a school principal incapable of addressing the difficult problems your adolescent wards face?

Want to know how to save a failing restaurant like Taco Town?"
Want to know if you are cool or a complete douche canoe?

Go to and find out the answer
"I always wondered who would win in a fight between Mike Tyson and a Ninja"
"You should meatbaby it!"
"Does that hurt?"
"Sometimes, but you'll come back for more."
"Does that make me a douche canoe."
"ASK meatbaby... but yes, you are."
by Ass Jacket January 11, 2010
Top Definition
A child born of the colon and raised in the great lakes of ones respective septic system. Usually large in scale, squelching like a raptor as they slip from their fleshy prison. Resembling meat in both texture and coloration, yet maintaining soft child-like features. These features include but are not limited to: button nose, sly grin, large deer like eyes, and a full head of hair.
Excuse me, dear friends, but I have metabolized my earlier burrito meal and am in the third trimester; contractions are coming on strong, leaving me with no choice but to birth a meat baby !
by 3rd st. Dukes June 14, 2007
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