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the meat of a child
I'm so pissed my meat hasn't grown since I was a baby, now my friends call me baby meat!
by Captain Cumsh0t June 13, 2010
a lil penis.... not a big one
shane rawls has a baby meat
by cody mcgee October 21, 2007
A young girl to young to do sexual things with but old enough to check out
Holy shit logans little sister is Hot" " Yo dude shes a Baby Meat, you best only be lookin
by suga ehans April 03, 2011
A reference from the ghetto bible that directly describes a black girl's butt. The words "Bathin' Apes" in some of Soulja Boy's songs were mistaken for "baby meat".
Yo man, check out dat chick's baby meats
by Ghettoboi January 30, 2011