A pair of breasts that are so saggy that the nipples actually point down and touch the skin. A common affliction in elderly women, but that is not always the case. It isn't that rare for a woman of her twenties or even teens to be diagnosed with meat flaps.
Dude, I thought your mom was really hot for her age, but I still couldn't get over her meat flaps.
by Germbee October 03, 2005
Top Definition
The labia. Beef curtains. Pootie lips.
"This month's centerfold has got the biggest meat flaps I've ever seen!"
by Funk Naz-T August 11, 2003
Same as Meat Curtains. Also known as "roast beef". When a chicks pussy lips are too long and they flap in the breeze like dumbo ears.
That bitch has some nasty meat curtains.
by spankme March 17, 2003
The outer lips of a womans vagina; especially if large and protruding.
My wife has large meatflaps.
by Jack August 09, 2003
the labia minor
In that photo, you really can see her meatflaps.
by houston texas September 03, 2003
Large inner labia lips.
Pussy lips that dangle outside the labia majora even when the legs are not open wide.
I love chewing on her meat flaps, it drives her crazy :)
by semsem August 17, 2011
Pussy Lips.Labia....the folds of a taco.
That bitchs' meatflaps reminded me of a roast beef sandwhich
by Trouble April 11, 2005
A "split" or "floppy" vagina
We call her a meat flap because of her excessive use of her vagina
by T-Dubz Nasty February 09, 2004
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