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Masturbation. Instead of a three-some, you have a "me-some".
The MFM couple stood me up, so it looks like I'll be at home having a me-some instead.
by RockWey January 27, 2012
The act of having sex with oneself; masturbation.
When asked what was the kinkiest thing he had ever done, Gene could only admit to a mesome.
by exsul January 26, 2007
1) Cleveland Steamer
2) act of giving a man named chad a bj of epic proportions.
3) A combination of a donkey punch and a dirty sanchez.
4) the special happy place reach around

mesome has multiple definitions depending on your location in the country
Jimmy gave Chad a mesome the other night. Chad hasn't walked the same since.
by Lilian Beaver January 02, 2008

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