Short for: Moronic Dick Wad. Usually an MDW had no social life and makes people feel bad over the internet.
Dude, don't be an MDW, have a social life.
by Somebodyelsewholikeseggs August 21, 2006
Top Definition
abbrieviation for memorial day weekend. it is usually a 3 or 4-day weekend. most jersey kids go down the shore and party. also people march in parades and other people watch it.
i'm going down the shore for mdw.
by shwammmmmy May 13, 2007
Abbreviated as Memorial Day Weekend. It is the single greatest weekend of the year. An ideal time to be permanently mind-altered and have sex with as many people as possible. You are always single during MDW. The only sober moment will be the ride there and ride home. Usually celebrated by people from New Jersey and is pre planned as early as November. There are only 2 yet significant rules of MDW. Your mind must be altered by any means neccessary and you must be in pure creep mode.
I will be in 100% pure creep mode all of MDW.
by watsgoooooood February 22, 2010
Abbrevation for the dutch phrase "mijn dag was", meaning "my day was".

It's used at the end of a sentence, to say how your day was. It's made popular by the Dutch website MijnDagWas...
How was your day?
What's the N for?
- Normal!
by Pastoor October 07, 2009
MDW is short for Major DickWiggle. Fat fuck likes cake. A lot.
MDW needs to lay off the cake. Fuckin asshole ate the last piece.
by Clusterfucked in Cleveland February 07, 2005
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