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MDU is an abbreviations of MADURAI
second lorgest city in Tamilnadu India & famous Meenakshi temple is going to become one of the world wonder.
by K.R.Varadan May 07, 2005
MADURAI short form for the second big city in Tamilnadu
MeenakshiTemple is going to be one of the world wonder
by K.R.Varadan May 07, 2005
Chancellor of the sucka-free city of Vallejo, California. Lives in the infamous Tree Town section of West Vallejo (T.T. West)

Born in The Town, raised on The Block. From Fairgrounds to Tennessee, Magazine to Maine, fresh Off The Block. Shout out to Bethel High School clazz 05'
Potna: Yo M.Du wuz good wit chu maine? How you fillin?

M. Du: Im fillin' good maine, Im breathin', Im livin', wuz good wit chu boy?

Potna: Nutn' yadadameen, just out here hustlin you fill me. Tryna find a job and get a legitimate cash flow.

M. Du: I fill you. Where you stayin at now.

Potna: Cuddiville, but that just temp ya meen?

M. Du: Naw maine, do ya thang. I know you out there gettn' that cheap rent

Potna: YA MEEN!!!!

M. Du: Yeah so uh, give me a call when you get some work maine, we'll go to kick it at lunch on yo paper day.

Potna: Yeah right ni**ga. Wus yo number

M. Du: 707...

Potna: Actually I got yo number from last time I seent chu

M. Du: Yeah, yeah das right. Well hit me up den. Im bout to bounce cuddie

Potna: Ite
by M. Du May 19, 2005
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