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Chennai is the capital of Tamilnad -India
Chennai is a Famous Indian City and changed from Madras
#chennai #chenapatnam #chenkalpattu #madras #cholavaram
by K.R.Varadan November 07, 2005
United Arab Emirates is called UAE
Dubai,Abhudhabi all big cities & Abhudhabi is capital of UAE
by K.R.Varadan May 05, 2005
Madurai is second largest city in Tamilnadu India
Meenakshi Temple may become a world wonders list
by K.R.Varadan May 08, 2005
MDU is an abbreviations of MADURAI
second lorgest city in Tamilnadu India & famous Meenakshi temple is going to become one of the world wonder.
by K.R.Varadan May 07, 2005
MADURAI short form for the second big city in Tamilnadu
MeenakshiTemple is going to be one of the world wonder
by K.R.Varadan May 07, 2005
Srivilliputtur is famous Andal Temple
The ghopuram is used by Tamilnadu-Inda Government embolem
by K.R.Varadan May 08, 2005
hyd is an abbreviations of HYDERABAD
Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh.Famous salar jung museum and famous Golconda fort.etc
by K.R.Varadan May 08, 2005
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