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Abbreviation for 80's political hardcore band, Millions of Dead Cops.
Two great MDC albums are "Shades of Brown" and "Millions of Damn Christians".
by shawn December 23, 2004
Mother Daughter Combo.
This is where a fly looking milf (mum i'd like to fuck) crosses your path with an even flier lookin daughter. And damn you want to knock the dust of them pussy!
Damn! Check out that MDC homie!
by A++ August 12, 2005
Abbreviation of Mark David Chapman used by Lennon fans who don't like referring to scum by name.
Me: Dude, what the fuck, this guy is acting like MDC wasn't all that bad.

Someone else: Dude?! MDC?? What's wrong with them?
by Sarajane August 01, 2004
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