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Mass Bowel Movement, when 5 people or more gang up and go take a crap in the same toilet so as to plug it up
-What's that smell?
-The janitors had an MBM because they wanted higher pay
by Chantecleer February 20, 2008
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Married Black Male, Married African-American Male. same as mwm but black. usually found in classifieds, etc
MBM looking for a MBW for a discrete hook-up.
by Chanticlear January 07, 2008
Mildy Bellied Male- A phrase coined by Patrick Roberge, it's the response to "BBW", where the man is not fat or significantly overweight, but does still have a belly.
"I'm not fat, I'm a MBM!"
by creativexangst August 10, 2012
Made By Man
That movie was so MBM.
by Shitgirlssay January 21, 2012
mom behind me. Used in AIM to tell the perosn your mom or some one else is behind you and to keep converstion clean.
Bill: Lets smoke that weed on Saturday

Bob: MBM

Bill: wat you doin this weekend?
by Ryan March 11, 2005
MitchBond moment: the complete misspelling or understanding of a given word's definition.
That car is susidle man!

This ontray to the meal is great!

Wow, you guys had real MBMs there!
by EV514 January 02, 2010
mexicans built my skool, the name of a skool
"omg mbms!!"
"i went to mbms"
by sammykinzandabster June 26, 2009

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