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Masturbate or Masturbation

Also can be said, "MBing"

MB is the not so secretive act of:
a. inserting a hairbrush, remote, or dildo into the pussy (ass)
b. using a toothbrush on yr clit
Kelly MBed with her stepfather's toothbrush.
Liz MBed in a Methodist Church once!!
by NatureLover111 October 17, 2006
24 28
MB: (Medium Boto)- Someone who evolved from “SB” (Small Boto) to “MB” . A “MB” has more than 1 chic and wants to lose their v-card to any girl, but no one wants to fck him .
MB: "I like lose my v-card before I leave ."
C1: "Why?"
MB: "Cause I like practice before I come there."
C1: "What about c2, thas yo chic."
MB: "Naw, she’s just another girl, I still finna talk to her tho for practice ."
by ") . July 07, 2010
483 104
a shorter version of My bad
Joe: ur a bitch
Sally: No im not
Joe: Oh ok mb
by Joeness August 07, 2007
146 60
MB stands for megabyte, or 1 000 000 bytes.

Not to be confused with:

- Mb: Megabit (8 megabits = 1 megabyte)

- mB: Millibyte (theoretical)
- mb: Millibit (theoretical)

- MiB: Mebibyte (1 048 576 bytes)
- Mib: Mebibit (1 048 576 bits)

Capitalization matters!
That guy: the file is 5 mb
Me: You mean 5 MB?
That guy: ya whatevr
That guy: ur pedantic
Me: ...
by Shirayuki-hime October 14, 2007
77 50
mb = Maybe.

A shortening that has occurred due to lazy internet gamers not being arsed to type in 3 more letters.

Often used in conjuntion with 1337, leet, omg, wtf and other internet gamer words.
Conversation between two gamers:
1st Gamer: So did you own him?
2ndGamer: No his rail aim was uber leet :(
1st Gamer: You gonna hack his computer then?
2nd Game: mb
by Sam Fold April 13, 2003
95 72
short term of masturbate
MB is the best policy
by assholefreakybastard March 08, 2011
38 16
The need to 'spank the money' or 'choke the chicken' & etc AKA Masturbate.
Guy: "I haven't MB'ed for a long time.."
Dude: "LOL, GROSS.."
Guy: "Joking, I do it for the lulz."
by waszupRapper October 14, 2009
29 16
Morning Boner.....Some Guys Find This extremely annoying... Other are happy cause it means you get to fuck in the morning if you have a gf or bf
Sister: Good Morning
Brother: Oh Shit
Sister: What's Wrong?
Brother: I've got a M.B that wont go away
Sister:Sorry Can't Help You In That Department
by DragonBitch January 03, 2007
11 3