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cheap cigarettes that come in a blue and silver pack of regular or superking. they are nasty harsh and taste like shit.
mayfair gets all its customers from chavs who cant afford anything else.
by ~innocent~ February 05, 2008
Cheapo Cigarettes that are rank as fuck.
Just like Lambert and Butler these are cheapo smackhead cigs.
by Hatesmackheadwankers February 23, 2005
Is a most amazing person in the world. a person who is beyond beautiful both on the inside and the outside. a powerfully unique individual with a desire to make the world a better place to live. a person on a sacred mission with passion, devotion and loyalty. You will find no other like this person in the entire world. behind his highly attractive face is a strength and love so strong, which inspires you. A Mayfair is beyond human description. Also has an the loveliest hair.
person 1: have you seen mayfair?
person 2: of course, he is unmissable. his tall frame and super awesome hair
person 1: i know right, lets please hugs him... i heard he gives great hugs
by bellowmellow July 03, 2010